Open filer 2.99- Installation procedure.

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We are going to see about the installation procedure of Openfiler 2.99.

You can download the ISO file from the official website of Openfiler.


Step 1: Once you boot from ISO file, you will see the above image in your computer screen. Press Enter button to continue
Step 2: Press Next to continue the installation process
Step 3: Select Language and press Next
Step 4: One Warning message will prompt and ask you the permission to erase all data’s in the system hard disk. Press Yes and continue.
Step 5: Now we are going to install Openfiler on local hard disk so press Next to continue.
Step 6: Then, below error message asking your permission once again to remove all partitions and data’s on the hard disk so please press Yes to continue.
Step 7: Select Manually option and provide the domain based system name as like below or you can give a only a host name. Press Edit on Networking devices option to configure the network settings.
Step 8: Now provide your IP address range and Net mask value
Step 9: And, optionally you can provide your Gateway , Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. Then press Next button to continue
Step 10: Select your Time zone and pres Next.
Step 11: Provide the password for Root account and press Next.
Step 12: Click Next to start Openfiler installation.
Step 13: Once it has started, then it will format and apply the file system.
Step 14: The installation has successfully started.
Step 15: It will ask you to click Reboot button.
Step 16: Once it has Openfiler started, it will show the kernal file booting up like below.
Step 17: The Openfiler loading screen appears like below.
Step 18: An Open filer storage operating system loads up like below and the installation has been successfully done.


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