Computer Operating Systems – Linux and Windows


Linux is an operating system.

The main advantage is, it is an open source operating system.

We can edit the source code as per our personal need and use it with our private network.

If we compare with the other operating systems, Linux is secured to use.

At worldwide, there are many numbers of distributions are available in Linux and most of the world wide Supercomputers are running with Linux Operating system.

There are some major distributions to use and to get the valuable support from the distributed concern.


Redhat Enterprise Linux is one of the major distribution in Linux.

The Redhat company is from USA, they are modifying and selling the OS named Redhat Enterprise linux to the public customers.

If you want to use the Redhat distribution, then you need to study and write the certification exam in Red hat.

After successful completion of your exam, red hat will provide you a credential on their website to stay updated with them.

Using the credential you can download and install the Red hat ISO file for free of cost.

If the company needs a support from Red hat, then they should pay to Redhat only for the Technical Support.

Upon that, the other success full distributions are SUSE Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Cent OS, Debian and Fedora.

Ubuntu is really good to use on Desktop computers. Also Server type of operating systems are available in Ubuntu.

Cent OS is a complete copy of Red hat and only the difference is you cannot get the official Technical support.

But you can get the all types of technical support via Cent OS online forums as well as it is free of cost.This operating system is completely free to use and distributed by the Red hat company.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows or Windows is the user friendly computer operating system.

It is developed and sold by the company named Microsoft.

Windows OS’s contains several families, they are Windows NT, Windows Embedded and Windows Server and Client.

Let we see about the  versions of Windows Server and Client operating systems.

Windows NT was the first Windows operating system in Server OS’s.

Server OS’s                                                         Client OS’s

Windows server 2003                                     Windows 2000, XP

Windows server 2008, 2008 R2                   Windows vista, Windows 7

Windows server 2012                                     Windows 8 and 8.1

(Coming soon)

Windows server 2016                                     Windows 10

If you want to use the windows operating system, then you need to pay for the each copy of the Windows OS’s.

Based on your License, you will get the Technical Support from Microsoft team.

The license will vary with Server and Client operating systems.


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