Are you interested in Maths & Logical Thinking? YES !

We will help you to start your career in Data Science industry.

How we work?

We always start from scratch and we use connecting dots as teaching method.


  1. Trainer will test your knowledge.
  2. Based on the results, we start your required training.


  1. We deliver training contents to you.
  2. Learn in your convenient time.
  3. We always track you.
  4. Questions? Ask us via associated groups.


  1. We examine you based on your training status.
  2. Two level examination in each course.
  3. Get Immediate feedback with trainer discussion.
  4. Your assignments equals real time projects.

What you need to start?

  • i3/5/7 Laptop 8 GB RAM
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Interest + Time Management


VRP Academy is online based teaching website. We focus more on Data Science related trainings and placement assistance.

Get in Touch

Email : vrpacademycdm@gmail.com

Office is coming soon in Chidambaram